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3 air movers set up in hallway.

Water Cleanup in Dallas

SERVPRO of Northeast Dallas understands how crucial a quick response is to your property. Waiting to call your local SERVPRO professional after suffering from water damage can result in costly secondary damages. Call us today!

Drying equipment set up in a hallway.

Water Damage in Hallway

Our SERVPRO of Northeast Dallas team is dedicated to being there to help you when water damage strikes your residential or commercial property. Our SERVPRO team recently responded to a commercial water damage event pictured above.

Drying equipment set up in a room.

Residential Water Damage in Dallas

If your home or business in Northeast Dallas, TX suffers from water damage, it is important to know who to call for your restoration and cleanup needs. SERVPRO of Northeast Dallas is always here to help!

Green equipment set up in a commercial property.

Commercial Water Damage in Dallas

A water leak or flooding in your commercial property in Dallas, TX can cause a business to come to a halt. SERVPRO of Northeast Dallas is always "Here to help" with your water removal and restoration needs.

2 SERVPRO trucks parked outside structure.

Ready to Respond

When your home or business in Dallas, TX suffers from water, fire, or mold damage, it is crucial to know who to call for a quick and easy response. Our SERVPRO of Northeast Dallas is always on standby and ready to respond!

Air movers set up in an empty room.

Water Damage in Dallas, TX

When it comes to water damage cleanup and restoration in Dallas, TX you can trust SERVPRO of Northeast Dallas for your water damage cleanup and restoration needs. We have the experience, expertise, and equipment necessary to make your water damage seem "Like it never even happened."

Green air movers set up in bathroom.

Who do I call?

Who do I call after my Dallas, TX home suffers from water damage? 

Call SERVPRO of Northeast Dallas! Our team will quickly respond to your water damage loss and get to work to make your damage seem "Like it never even happened."

Equipment up and running in the hallway of a home.

Water Damage in Dallas?

Has your home or business in Dallas, TX suffered from water damage? Don't hesitate and give our SERVPRO of Northeast Dallas team a call. Our crew is highly trained in water damage cleanup and restoration.

Commercial Water Damage

Commercial restoration is something that our team deals with regularly. We are always down to come preform our restoration services on your property. Give us a call at any time, any day of the week. 

IICRC Certification

Our team is IICRC certified. This certification sets the standards for the cleaning and restoration industries. SERVPRO practices these best standards in all of our restoration services. Give our team shout today! (214) 343-3973

Water Remediation

We have six stages to our water restoration process. Our goal is to provide expert service in a quick amount of time. We make it "Like it never even happened." Water or Flood Damage? Call Today – (214) 343-3973


"Thanks to Red and the SERVPRO team. On my B-day I come home to water coming up through my tile in the kitchen. SERVPRO got with insurance company and had a plan of action. It is not fun to have the machines in the house but better to not live with mold or damage. Time to repair the house and get back to normal! Thanks SERVPRO."

— Erin S in Northeast Dallas, TX

Do you have standing water?

SERVPRO of Northeast Dallas will come extract the water from your property. Our team makes it "Like it never even happened." After we extract the water we begin to start drying and dehumidification(214) 343-3973

Water you waiting for?

Call us now! (214) 343-3973 We begin our water restoration process as soon after we secure & stabilize the environment. We do this to ensure that the affect area does not spread throughout your property. 

Why Choose Us?

“USAA Member was very pleased with the professionalism of the techs that came out and helped him source leak and identify exact extent of moisture." — Burnadette C in Dallas, TX

-Red Alert-

Ah! Water has intruded into this residence. Good thing we have 24/7 Emergency Service! Our crew was on scene on almost immediately. Water loss is a routine service that we handle almost daily. So don't worry, we'll take this off your hands.

Take Over

Our teams air movers have taken over this room. We removed the standing water inside the residence but there is still unseen water that has seeped underneath the floor boards. It's this kind of damage that can become the silent killer of your walls and flooring. 

Roofing and Reconstruction

SERVPRO of Northeast Dallas is your one stop shop for restoration and reconstruction. Damaged roof from a storm? We are here to help! Give us a call today at (214) 343-3973 to learn more about our reconstruction services. 

Cleaning a Sewage Damage

We try our best to be the least invasive when your Dallas home has water damage. However, if a sewer line backs up into your home we need to do what is right for the homeowner and the insurance company. That means removing the contaminated drywall and cleaning with disinfectants.

Dallas Flooding in Commercial Building

Flooding of a commercial building means having parts of your company not accessible. When you call a flood company you will be able to get back to business more quickly. We can work around your staff and clients to keep you operational and use the least invasive methods of drying if possible.

Bathroom Pipe Break in Dallas

Broken pipes are a nuisance for business owners and facility managers. The amount of water that can come from a commercial water line will flood a bathroom and the whole floor if it's not turned off quickly.

Minor water damage in Oak Tree Village

SERVPRO of Northeast Dallas responded to a home in Oak Tree Village. The damage was minimal but it still required a few days of drying equipment to ensure secondary damage did not become and issue. SERVPRO is the premier restoration company to use in the Dallas, TX market. 

Water damage in bathroom

Water damaged cabinets can be salvaged. SERVPRO of Northeast Dallas are ready and waiting to help you save your damaged property.  Proper drying equipment can be placed to dry the affected areas of your home or business.

Flood Cuts After Commercial Water Loss

Our team responded quickly to the call to repair this Dallas, TX facility after it was damaged by water from a broken pipe. As you can see in this image, we performed flood cuts so that we could remove damaged material. 

Repairing Damaged Break Room

When the break room in this facility was damaged by a water loss, our team was brought in to handle the repairs. In this image, you can see the flood cuts we performed so that we could remove damaged material. SERVPRO of Northeast Dallas is the premier choice for water damage restoration in the Dallas, TX area. 

Collapsed Ceiling From Water Loss

As you can see from this image, the ceiling in this commercial facility collapsed under the weight of water from a broken pipe. Our team was quick to respond to the call to repair the damage. If you have any water damage in Dallas, TX, contact our team at any time day or night.

Mold Remediation in Dallas, Texas

After significant water damage, SERVPRO of Northeast Dallas responded and quickly began remediation.  The mold and mildew stains were under the cabinets.  The team used special cleaning techniques to remove the stains and were able to restore this home back to pre mold conditions. 

Bathroom Mold Remediation

SERVPRO of Northeast Dallas responded to this Dallas, Texas home to find mold and mildew stains under the bathroom vanity. The team was able to clean the affected area.  They removed the old drywall and rebuilt the bathroom.

Restoration Teams Respond after Storm Loss

After a severe storm hit the Houston Texas area SERVPRO was called to assess the area.  There was significant storm damage to the homes and businesses in the area.  The teams were able to respond and quickly begin clean up procedures. 

Bathroom Mold Damage

After a bathroom vanity was torn out in this Dallas, Texas home mold was found growing from a small leak.  The drywall and sub floor was removed and dried properly before rebuild.  

Mold Containment

After mold was found in this Dallas, Texas home, SERVPRO of Northeast Dallas responded and quickly began mold remediation.  There was significant mold and mildew growing on the walls.  The team put up plastic to contain the mold spores from spreading throughout the home. 

Mold damage on walls and baseboards

This home suffered from mold and mildew damage after water damage from a storm in Dallas, TX.  The water had run down the back of the wall and not seen.  After drying behind drywall and baseboard mold started to grow.  SERVPRO of Northeast Dallas responded and quickly began mold remediation procedures. 

Computer Room Water Loss

In this image, you can see one piece of the drying equipment we brought in to help speed up the drying process in this computer room after a large water loss affected this commercial building. If you have water damage in Dallas,TX, contact us at anytime to help! 

Flood Cuts After Water Loss

This home experienced a water loss and order to repair the damage, our team had to perform the flood cuts you see pictured here. Flood cuts allow us to be able to remove damaged material.

Fire Damaged Room

The room in this image was damaged when a large fire affected this home. As you can see, there was a significant amount of soot left behind. If you have fire damage like this, call us!

Soot After Fire

This home suffered damage from a fire that left soot and debris everywhere, as you can see from the image. Our team responded quickly when we were contacted about repairing the damage. If you have a fire loss, call us!

Hospital Room Water Cleanup

This hospital had a water loss that affected the room pictured here. Our team was able to clean it up and repair the damage quickly. If you have a loss like this, give us a call!

Water Damage In Locker Room

Our team responded quickly to this water loss. We brought in drying equipment to help the drying process go quicker so that further damage to the facility could be prevented. If you have a water loss, call SERVPRO!

The Right Equipment Helps

In this image, you can see some of the equipment we use to help speed the drying process after a water loss. We commonly use drying equipment like this for that purpose in order to prevent secondary damage from occurring, such as a mold loss.

Large Commercial Water Loss

When this facility suffered large water loss, our team was called in to handle the clean up and repair. When our team arrived, we immediately began working to extract the water. We also used specialty drying equipment to help speed up the drying process.

Ready For Whatever Happens

After a large water loss that caused severe damage to the walls and ceiling, SERVPRO quickly arrived at the home to begin the restoration process. We have all the right equipment to help with any size loss. We are always available, 24/7, 365 days a year. 

Always Here to Help

Fire damage leaves behind a dark and gloomy site, no matter where it occurs. Luckily, SERVPRO is here to restore things back to normal. We can help with any size fire loss and we are always available! 

The Aftermath of the Storm

When powerful storms hit, they can leave serious loss in their wake. Take for instance, the neighborhood in this image. Notice the debris pile from the cleanup. If storms leave you with this kind of devastation, we are here to help. Give us a call.

Storm Damaged Roof

The roof of this home was heavily damaged by high winds from storms that recently came through the area. Our technicians are trained to help you if you have this kind of damage to your home.

Home Damaged By Storms

In this picture, you can see the damage a storm can cause to a home. This home suffered a loss due to high winds from a recent storm. Notice the extent of the damage to the roof. If you have storm damage, call us.

Office Water Loss

In this picture you can see an office that suffered a water loss situation. Here you can see that we are in the mitigation process and have brought in air movers to dry up the moisture.

Water Loss Remediation

In this picture you can a hallway that suffered a serious water loss that damaged the floor and walls. We brought in air movers to dry up the excess moisture in the hall before beginning the restoration process.

Always prepared

If you have a water loss in your home or business, you want a quick response and a well trained, well equipped team. In the picture, you can see we make sure we have everything we need when you need us most.

SERVPRO Large Loss Teams

SERVPRO of Northeast Dallas has the capability to handle most Commercial losses with local resources. Additionally, we have the resources available of the SERVPRO large loss teams. Give us a call and you will be happy with our response time.

Commercial Electrical Fire in Dallas, Texas

The Damage caused by putting out the fire can be more costly then the fire damage itself. Fire Extinguishers are great for stopping the spread of a fire. The residue can contaminate everything in the area, Like the expensive electronics in the photo. SERVPRO of Northeast Dallas can can save you thousands of dollars by removing the contaminates, avoiding the need to replace them. Call 214-343-3973

SERVPRO Green Trucks

The color of the SERVPRO trucks was chosen because it stands out. Just like our customer service at SERVPRO of Northeast Dallas.When disasters strikes, we'll be there. Water or Smoke damage, Large Loss, or natural disasters, We're here to help.

Flooded office in Dallas, Texas

Water standing in your offices is not a good way to start the day. Here at SERVPRO of Northeast Dallas, we'll get the water out. It will take a few days for us to finish drying the structure and contents.

Flooded Commercial Buildings

Everyone was gone home for the night when a pipe broke. SERVPRO of Northeast Dallas was called in to dry the building and contents. They were very thankful for the quickness of our response.

Water Stained Carpet

It is not unusual for carpeting to have water stains after having been wet from a water damage. You don't have to replace those carpets. SERVPRO of Northeast Dallas can remove those stains in most situations. Give us a call. We're here to help.

Instruments show us the moisture levels

By using moisture reading instruments SERVPRO of Northeast Dallas is able to determine when materials are dry returned to a normal dry condition. Under floors and cabinets, inside walls, behind baseboards are some of the areas subject to mold growth if not properly dried

SERVPRO Warehouse

Our SERVPRO facility has over 11,000 sf. for the restoration and storage of our customer's contents. You can see a stack of boxes and there is still a lot of extra room. We are ready for any size disaster.

Residential Fire in Dallas Texas

This photo tells us that the fire in this house was bad. It had a lot of heat as well as smoke. A fire like this makes restoration difficult but not impossible. The experts at SERVPRO of Northeast Dallas can restore some of the contents to a pre loss condition.

Fire damaged contents in storage awaiting return to owners

A process referred to as a "packout" is preformed in situations where the structure will require reconstruction. The contents are moved to SERVPRO of Northeast Dallas's warehouse, cleaned, deodorized, repacked and stored until the structure repairs are complete.

Kitchen Fire Damage in Dallas, Texas

This was the aftermath of a kitchen fire in Dallas, Texas when we arrived on the scene. There was significant smoke and soot damage. SERVPRO of Northeast Dallas quickly and completely cleaned the soot from the structure and contents. We make disasters "Like it never even happened."

Proper structure drying prevents mold growth

By using moisture reading instruments SERVPRO of Northeast Dallas is able to determine when materials are dry returned to a normal dry condition. Under floors and cabinets, inside walls, behind baseboards are some of the areas subject to mold growth if not properly dried

Water Damage in Dallas, Texas

At SERVPRO of Northeast Dallas, we know the importance of getting you back into business. After a water or smoke damage, quick response can save time and money. We're here to make it "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO Storm Team

SERVPRO of Northeast Dallas was part of the emergency storm team that assisted in the clean up in Gulf Shores after Hurricane Ivan in 2004. Our crews have also participated in Rita, Katrina, Ike, Sandy and Isaac.

Storm Damage in Garland Texas

The Tornado that tore thought Garland Texas in December 2015 left a trail of destruction that will not soon be forgotten by many. SERVPRO of Northeast Dallas is proud to have been a part of the cleanup efforts, Helping to put peoples lives back together. Whether it's Storm, Fire or Water damage, SERVPRO of Northeast Dallas is the one to call. 214-343-3973