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Tips for Storm Damage in Northeast Dallas

Flooding in your Northeast Dallas home can be stressful. There is a lot to think about but no time to worry about the problem.Storm Damage TipsRaise all furnitu... READ MORE

Upgraded Restrooms after Water and Mold Damage

The restroom of this commercial building needed to have all the tiles removed because of bound water sitting behind the wall. The main problem is from the metal... READ MORE

North Dallas Home with a Sewer Damage

Sewer damage is by far the worst type of damage the can happen from water. There are different categories of water damage and sewer water is considered a Catego... READ MORE

How does mold remediation work?

It starts with a company that is certified to remove mold. Mold certifications are necessary for a restoration company to do any mold removal for most insurance... READ MORE

Wood Floors are Moldy

The water that flooded this home got underneath the wood floors and was left too long before it received any extraction. The water couldn't dry in time for mold... READ MORE

Commerial Building with Mold Damage

A lot of buildings, such as this one, don't realize that they have mold until it's too late. Leaking water sources and humidity caused the mold to grow all alon... READ MORE

What should I do with all my stuff during restoration?

The great thing about our SERVPRO of Northeast Dallas facility is that it has a lot of warehouse space. After a fire or storm damage you don't have to store you... READ MORE

When should I call my insurance company?

After a fire in you home is extinguished you should be calling your agent or insurance hotline depending on the time of day. Most fire damaged homes will cost q... READ MORE

North Dallas Home Suffers Large Fire

The whole house needed to be cleaned after the fire in this home ruined most of the belongings. The homeowners were safe but the house needed a lot of cleaning ... READ MORE

Flooding can bring in debris from the outdoors

Too much water in your home will not be easy to remove after flooding. Although flood water will recede over time, the best way is to have the water removed is&... READ MORE