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3 Things To Know About Fire and Your Electronics

6/25/2022 (Permalink)

Electronics with smoke damage How does smoke damage electronics?

Three Things To Keep In Mind When It Comes To Fire And Your Electronics

After a fire at your Oak Tree Village, TX, home, much of the damage will be obvious to the naked eye. Smoke damage can discolor walls and leave telltale odors in fabrics. Fire can singe cabinets and destroy drywall. What about your electronics, though? Should they be part of the fire cleanup? Read on to learn more about fire damage and your electronics.

1. Gear That Looks Fine On the Outside May Still Need Fire Cleanup
Sometimes, electronics wear their fire damage front and center. Other times, a gaming console or personal computer that looks A-OK on the outside contains interior damage. When you contact your local fire damage restoration company, ask them about the electronics cleaning services they provide.

2. Virtually No Electronics Are Smokeproof
Most of the electronics in your home are made mainly of plastic and metal. The high heat given off by a household fire can melt both, but that's just the tip of the rapidly melting iceberg when it comes to fire's effects on your electronics. Here's what else can happen:

Electronics melt and become inoperable.
Interior components melt, but you can't see it, and they continue giving off toxic fumes.
Failing electronics short circuit and cause a fire.
Soot and smoke residue traps heat like insulation and causes electronics to overheat and fail.
Soot corrodes the unit from the inside out, abbreviating its life or causing it to short circuit.

3. You Shouldn't Turn Your Tech Back On Right Away
Until you determine the extent of the damage after a fire at your Oak Tree Village, TX, home, resist the urge to fire up your electronics (no pun intended). Some of the damage outlined above can happen instantly and develop into an even more significant problem.
Even the most modern, high-tech gear is vulnerable to good old-fashioned smoke. Including your electronics in the fire cleanup effort can help prevent costly repairs, or even replacement, in the not-so-distant future.

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